Consulting: Joy has experience in leadership and project management. She has been a conference speaker, workshop moderator and a presenter to schools. She has been interviewed for radio, television and on-line forums and videos. If you wish to arrange for her services, you may reach Joy at

Conference Speaker on Invisible Chronic Illness:
Myeloproliferative Disorders, San Mateo CA, 2010, Phoenix, AZ 2013
Sjogren's Syndrome Fdn.,, Reston VA, 2011
Texas Neuropathy Assoc., Austin, TX2011, 2012
The Mastosytosis Tucson, AZ2010
N. Texas Fibromylagia Assoc., Dallas TX, 2009
National Neutropenia Ann Arbor MI, 2009, Austin TX, 2011, 2012
Pfizer Global Research & Boston MA, 2008
Athritis Seattle WA 2006
Medical Educational Council of Pensacola, Pensacola, FL, 2006
On the Craft of Writing:

Girls School of Austin, TX, 2011
Pacific Northwest Writers Assoc., Seattle WA, 2010
Anderson High School Creative Austin TX 2009, 2010
Write on the Edmonds, WA 2006
Writers' League of Texas, Austin TX, 2005 

On Youth Philanthropy: 

Joy served as a founder and later a consultant for A Legacy of Giving, She made multi-media presentations at over 40 public and private schools on issues of poverty and water scarcity in preparation for students to engage in philanthropic fund raising to meet local and global needs.

On Arts Education:

As a consultant for MindPOP,, Joy assisted in preparing reports and documents making the case for the importance and benefits of sequential arts instruction, as well as the use of creative learning in the classroom. MindPOP is supported by the Kennedy Center Any Given Child Initiative, a partnership among Austin ISD, MindPOP, the City of Austin and over 40 arts and cultural organizations dedicated to student success through an arts-rich education. 

One of those cultural organizations is ZACH, where Joy is Board President. ZACH has a robust and targeted theatre arts education program and offers theatre classes and camps, college bound training and professional development for classroom teachers. ZACH produces theatre for young audiences using professional actors as well as young actors in training. Over 20,000 children, many from low income families, come to ZACH every year during the school day to see live, professional theatre.

Radio, Television, Web:
Article in Online Periodical ProHealth: Simple Steps Patients Can Take to Help the Healing,
Video Interview for I Live Here, I Give Here, Austin, TX (, How the Arts Keep Kids out of the System: To see the video click on this llink:

Radio Interview on You Don't LOOK Sick!: Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail, Austin TX
Radio Interview on Invisible Illness: Patient Power with Andrew Schorr, Seattle, WA
Television Interview on Fibromyalgia: ABC Good Morning Show, Austin TX
Webinar on Living with Chronic Illness: Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures or

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