CeeGee's Gift: A Novel About Generosity



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CeeGee’s Gift by Joy H. Selak is an intergenerational novel that involves the reader, regardless of age, in the mysterious life of a 12 year old girl. Celia Gene, called CeeGee, is an introspective, shy young girl who struggles with an unexplained ability to know the future. She foresees elderly Mr. Tindale impending death, and reluctantly tells him. He recognizes the inevitable and helps her understand her “Knowings” as a gift. He encourages her to share her insight from her heart as a gift to help people change the direction of their lives. As Mr. Tindale says, “if people could see where they were headed, maybe they would decide to change direction and change their entire future”.

The author uses the atmosphere of a small town community and its inhabitants as a medium for CeeGee to explore and share her gift. The reader will also be encouraged to explore his own gifts and to seek out ways to use those gifts to benefit others. Readers of all ages will be challenged and inspired by this amazing novel.
— Authors Reading
I loved this story, it was engaging and pulled me right in—the prose is so honest and simple. I finished the book and then realized that each of my three teenagers, aged 13, 16, and 17, had passed it around and read it as well! So it’s definitely for all ages. Highly recommend.
— Amazon Reader Review
I chose a 5 star rating because there wasn’t a 10 star available. This book breaks your heart, lifts you up, gives you hope & smiles through your tears. I haven’t been this touched by a story in a long time. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s amazing!
— Kindle Customer

My interest in Young Adult readers goes way back, to a PhD Dissertation on the 'Image of the Family in Young Adult Literature', and years of teaching middle school Language Arts.

The heart of this story came to me in a flash, much like CeeGee’s Knowings. I wrote it quickly and submitted CeeGee’s Gift as a one-act-play to the San Juan Islands Playwright’s Festival in 1992. It was one of six winners and was produced for the stage. It then won the Audience Choice Award.

I expanded the story to a novel set on the Texas coast where I spent my childhood summers and again entered competitions through the Writer’s League of TexasCeeGee’s Gift was Runner Up for Best Fiction in 2008 and the Winner for Best Young Adult Novel in 2010.

CeeGee is now ready to go out into the world and I hope that she and the citizens of Southport mean as much to the readers as they have to me. It is my desire that this story speaks to readers of many ages, and sparks conversations on front porches and at kitchen tables.                                                                                                       

- Joy Selak, Author