The logo above, and the cover of CeeGee's Gift, was created by Jennifer Braham, the talented owner of Brink Creative. As Jennifer looked for inspiration for this logo, we had many wide-ranging talks. One day I told her about traveling to Hiroshima, Japan and the story of 1000 Origami Cranes. A young girl, Sadako, was injured during the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and hoped her life would be sustained by making 1000 of these folded paper birds.

She inspired children all over the world to join in support of her. Still today, many decades later, enormous bundles of colorful paper origami cranes are sent to Hiroshima and hang from the trees throughout the property as potent symbols of hope, peace and compassion. 

Jennifer listened to my storytelling and then said, 'OK, cranes it is.' I love the way the bird takes flight into darkness, through a sea of letters and emerges into a bright blue sky. 

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Engaging in all forms of communication transports me to ideas bigger than myself. From my doctoral dissertation on The Image of the Family in Young Adult Literature, to a K-12 language arts curriculum called the Blueprint for Communication. From acting and singing in community theatre to writing an original play. And through two editions of a book for people who are told You Don't LOOK Sick, my co-author and I toured the country to speak at conferences and give interviews in support of our readers. 

With my latest novel, CeeGee's Gift, I want to connect readers with a simple story of a deep friendship between a young girl and an old man and how they learn what it means to be gifted. The message has inspired me for decades, reminding me that the reason we are here on earth is to discover our gifts and then give them for the benefit of others. 

Whether speaking to an audience, teaching a class, or writing a book, my focus is on sharing the best I have to offer as a way to help others discover and give their own gifts. 



The skills I have learned in the nonprofit sector complement those gained in other professional roles. I was a founder of two organizations dedicated to supporting philanthropy, San Juan Island Community Foundation and A Legacy of Giving, now part of the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life. My dedication to charitable giving runs deep.

Recently, I created a diagram to illustrate what I see as my core strengths and abilities resulting from these diverse experiences. They fall into 3 main categories: Innovation & Transition, Analysis & Implementation and Presentation & Instruction. Whether I am working to support effective giving, building a nonprofit from the ground up or collaborating with leaders to solve organizational problems, I bring these skills, acquired over many years, to the task. Click on my MINDMAP to see the full chart. 



In my role as a philanthropic advisor with Rodman & Associates, and with a certification as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, I am skilled in helping clients identify their philanthropic priorities, research giving options, choose the best strategies and evaluate results.

At Rodman & Associates we work with private philanthropists or families, financial advisors, corporate giving programs and nonprofit organizations. Our reach is local, national and global. We are dedicated to lifting up philanthropy through education and information.

I am honored to work with an organization focused on helping others to do good in the world. See the Rodman & Associates web site to learn more, or contact me at: